AI Infrared Thermometer Three Installations Two Power Supply Six Languages °C/°F Body/Object Temperature Alarm Temperature Can b


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With 0.5s reponse time and +-0.2°C accuracy, this multifuctional AI Infrared Thermometer is a useful to check temperature conditon, widely used in company, factory, school etc.

Three installation method: hook up/double-sided tape/bracket fixing.
Power by lithium battery or USB D-C 5V1A charge.
Mode Switching: Press the Mode button to change the unit between Celsius and Fahrenheit; Press and hold Mode button for 3s to switch the temperature measurement mode(Sur: surface, bod: object mode)Default object mode
Status Descriptiion: Default 32-37.3°C flash green lights and alarm Di and voice Normal Temperature; 37.4-38.4°C flash orange lights and alarm Di Di and voice Please Test Again; 38.5-42°C flash red lights and alarm Di Di  and voice Please Test Again.
Setting Mode: Press and hold SET button with pin for 3S to enter into Setting Mode(F1 Setting Alarm Temperature). SET and MEM button are used as up and down option button. Press the mode button to switch to F2(Setting Temperature Compensation), F3(Setting Language: Default English, Janpanwse, Portuguese, Korean, Spanish, German, French, Arabic) F4(Voice on and off selection)

Screen: Digital Display
Accuracy: +-0.2°C
Response Time: 0.5s
Abnormal Automatic Alarm: Flash and voice
Automatic Measurement: Measuring distance 5-10cm
Charging Method: D-C5V 1A Type C / Li-ion battery
IR Measuring Range: 0-50°C
Environment Temperature: 10-42°C
Standby Time: About 2 months
Package Weight:  325g / 11.5oz
Package Size: 160*117*87mm / 6.3*4.6*3.4in

Packing List:
1 * Thermometer
1 * USB Cable
1 * Pin
2 * Rubber Plug
2 * Screw

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