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Neagative ions can effectively purify air, remove PM2.5, dust, smog, formaldehyde, harmful substances etc.
Built-in USB rechargeable 250mAh battery, one time full charge can last for 15 hours.
The negative ion concentration is 2800W/cm³. Energy-saving and time-saving product, take good care of your health.
The working sound is very quiet, you can wear it and enjoy fresh air everywhere.
Lightweight, compact and portable, the necklace ion air purifier have no radiation for kids and adults.
Suitable for kids, the elders, pregnant women and people who are allergic to pollen and odor, effectively protect those who are suceptible to air pollution.
Exquisite appearance, smart display, beautiful design and convenient to use.

Type: Negative Ion
Battery: 250mAh Lithium Battery
Anion Concentration: 2800W/cm³
Noise: 20dB
Power Supply: USB
Rated Power: <1W
Current: 25mA
Life timer: 15h
Size: 70*26*15mm
Material: ABS
Color: Black, Red(optional)
Weight: 70g
Size: 15*15*10cm

Package List:
1*Necklace Purifier
1*USB Cable
1*User Manual

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