38 W 254NM UV+ Ozone Timer Sterilizing Light Sterilization Lamp


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This product uses 254nm UV and adopts ozone sterilization technology to kill bacteria for providing you f-resh air and c-lean environment. Perfectly used in different occasions, such as in the car, kitchen, wash-room, cabinet, closet, pets house, etc. What are you waiting for? Just buy and enjoy.

It can be used for sterilization, odor elimination, effectively to provides you f-resh air and c-lean living environment.
254nm UV combines with ozone deodorization, double sterilization for high effect.
3 levels timer design(15/30/60mins) sterilization working modes chosen as you like meets your different needs.
Practical pilot lamp for different working modes,(Red-15mins/ Green-30mins/ White-60mins), informing you in real time.
Mini size and light weight, it is portable and frees up more space for you.
Be perfectly used in the car, kitchen, wash-room, cabinet, closet, pets house, etc.

Plug type: 2 (Optional)
Input voltage: A C 220 V/ A C 110 V(Optional)
P-ower: 38 W
Item Color: Black
Mode: UV + O3
UV intensity: 120UW/cm2
Scope of application: 0-60m2
Working time: 15min/use(Default setting)
3 levels timer design: 15/30/60mins
UV W-ave length: 254nm
Material: ABS
Item size: 200 * 140 * 32mm / 7.9 * 5.5 * 1.3inches (Height * Diameter)
Item weight:550g/ 19.4ounces
Package Size: 238 * 190 * 46mm /9.4 * 7.5 * 1.8inches (Length * Width * Height)
Package Weight: 950g/ 33.5 ounces

1. The default setting is 15mins sterilization working mode, you can adjust its working time manually.
2. Please keep the room without any people and pet while sterilizing.
3. The room will be ventilated for 40 minutes before entering.

Packaging List:
1 * UV Sterilizer Light
1 * User Manual

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