FIVE Portable Disinfector Deodorizer


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Disinfect + Deodorization, 2 in 1 multifunctional UV sterilizer, is important for daily sterilization.
Dual U Ultralight lamps, up to 99.99% sterilization rate offers double sterilization effect.
Two sterilization modes: standard mode, Smart mode
Standard Mode: 30 min sterilization every button-pressing, suitable for refrigerator, wash machine, shoesbox, car, etc.
Smart Mode: Automatic sterilization every 8 hours. Start to sterilize after closing the toilet, and stop sterilization after opening.
Built-in 2 pieces battery with 250mAh capacity greatly prolong use lifespan, giving you long-term health guidance.
Small and portable, simple installation, convenient for carrying it anywhere.

Long press for 2s to turn on/off the machine.
Short press, the UV lamp start to work. Double tap to switch working modes (smart mode and standard mode)
Smart Mode: Applied to the toilet (The device will auto sterilize the toilet after closing and stop stelization when opening.)

*  Do not allow ultraviolet rays to reach the eyes, so as not to cause harm.
*  When the UV sterilization lamp is on, personnel must leave the site to prevent the UV light from burning the eyes and skin.

Model: YSXDQ001SS
Product Size: Approx. 10.1*5.0*3.8cm
Rated Power: 6.5W
Battery: 2500mAh x 2
Rated Input: 5V2A
Package Size: Approx. 14*8*6cm
Package Weight: Approx. 300g

Package List:
1 * Deodorizer


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