Multi-function UV Ste-rilizer Box Mobile Phone W-ireless Charge Face Mask Glasses K-ey Toothbrush Disin-fect Tool


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The ultraviolet ste-rilizer box can effectively disin-fect bacteria of your small items with 5 minutes. Simpe one button press, your face mask, mobile phone and other items are safer to use. 

Can be quickly and effectively disin-fected within 5 minutes, and the disin-fection rate can reach more than 99%.
Simple one button operation, convenient for your life.
Disin-fect small items that fit the box, face mask, jewelry, car keys, watch, mobile phone, toothbrushes, etc.
Built-in USB charge port, you can charge your phone after it is disin-fected.
Suitable for 6-inch mobile phones.

Material: ABS + PMMA
Color: Black
Standard Input: DC5V 1A
S-antizing P-ower: 1W
Max Power: 2W
UV Wavelength: 254nm
Button: Sanitizing
Disin-fection Indicator: Red=5min, Green=10min, Blue=15min
USB Output: ≤5V/1A
Operating Temperature: -50~104℃
Outer Size: 220 * 125 * 45mm / 8.66 * 4.92 * 1.77in
Inner Size: 180 * 98 * 22mm / in
Package Weight: 310g / 10.93ounces
Package Size: 305 * 170 * 65mm / 12.01 * 6.69 * 2.56in

Disin-fection Time:
Watch / Jewelry: 5 minutes
Phone / button / remote control: 10 minutes
Toothbrush / Tableware: 15 minutes

1. Connect the USB cable to the correct port of the p-ower s-upply and device.
2. Open the lid of the disin-fection box, put the mobile phones, jewelry, watches and other items to be disin-fected into the device, and then close the lid.
3. Press the button once to select the 5 minutes disin-fection t-ime, then the red light flashes.
4. Press the button again to select the 10 minutes disin-fection t-ime, and the green light flashes.
5. Press the button again to select the 15 minutes disin-fection t-ime and the blue light flashes

Packing List:
1 * Ste-rilizer Box
1 * USB Cable
1 * User Manual


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