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This is a product that uses UVC LED to sterili-ze your daily necessities. UVC LED can penetrate biological cell membranes and nucleus, destroying bacteri-al DNA or RNA, safer and environmentally friendly. You can use it to sterili-ze everyday items, such as computers, mobile phones, cosmetics, fruits, and cups. Safe and convenient, it brings a healthy life.

Mini and portable, convenient to use it anywhere and anytime.
UVC LED sterili-zer can kill most bacteri-al microorganisms.
It ensures 99.9% sterili-zing rate, leading to a healthier life.
Mercury-free, efficient and environmentally friendly, safer to use.
USB powered, easy to use. One button control, simple operation.

Note: Please do not point the UVC lamp to the skin and eyes of human beings/animals/pets/poultry.

Power: USB powered 5V 1A
Ultraviolet Band: UVC265-280nm, UVA395-400nm
Color: White, Black (Optional)
Item Size: 90*21*10mm
Item Weight: 12g
Package Size: 120*55*25mm
Package Weight: 25g

Package List:
1 * UVC LED Lamp

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