5 Pack Paper Towels for Pregnant & Maternal Women 40 Pieces Each Pack Safe Absorbent Clean Native Wood Pulp Toilet Paper Tis


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High quality paper towels of 200 pieces in total, made of natural pure wood pulp, strong water absorption, which is especially designed for pregnant and maternal women.
Disposable paper towels especially designed for pregnant and maternal women.
Package includes 5 pack of paper towels (each pack 40 pieces), meet differnet needs.
Adopt natural pure wood pulp, high quality, safe to use, soft and comfortable.
Large size of 260 * 460mm, strong water absorption, not easy to tear when becomes wet.
Suitable for the use of pregnancy, lochia after delivery, cleaning and bedding during menstruation.
Quantity: 5 Pack (Each pack 40 pieces)
Main Material: Native Wood Pulp
Shelf Life: 3 Years
Item Size: 260 * 460mm (Each piece)
Package Size: 46 * 28 * 13cm
Package Weight: 485g
Package List:
5 Pack of Paper Towels (Each pack 40 pieces)

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