Cervical Kneading Massage Shawl


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Domestic use multifunctional cervical vertebra shoulder waist full body massager, superior massage head, multi-angle massage, intelligent thermal protection system, low working noise, high toughness PU leather, bring you different comfortable feeling.

Two way to use, vehicle-mounted and domestic that include charge plug.
Superior PU leather, eco-friendly, health and durable, prevent skin allergy.
Carbon fibre ball shape massage head, simulation of human, massage intensity is moderate.
Intelligent thermal protection system, 4 gears strength adjustable, 20 mintues autostop.
Wear-resistant nylon double layer net surface,  comfortable and breathable.
Red light hot compress function, improve comfort level.
Pressure and noise proof memory cotton, high resilience.
Integrated concave and convex massage panel, easy to operate, convenient and practical.
Hand hanging design, the intensity of the massage can be controlled according to the position of the handrail.

Color: Black, Black + Blue, Beige (optional)
Adjustable Gear Strength: 4
Function: Timing, Red Light Physiotherapy, Hand-Held Wire Control
Massgae Theory: Vibration
Surface Material: PU + Nylon
Package Weight: 1500g / 52.91ounces
Package Size: 380 * 170 * 165mm / 14.96 * 6.69 * 6.50in
Plug: 4 Types (optional)

   There are different plug specifications to choose from, please choose the one suitable for your country.

Packing List:
1 * Massager
1 * On-Board Electric Smoke Generator
1 * Plug

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