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Portable practical multifunctional foot bath.

The heating element of this foot bath massager heats and maintains water at selected temperature (95-118°F) efficiently, without hassle of filling hot water or temperature dropping, offering luxury hot foot soak to keep your feet toasty and hydrated for reduced fatigue and swelling
Raise foot pampering experience up a notch by jacuzzi-like bubbles (recommended to use with heating function simultaneously) that stroke soles and by rhythmic vibration that loosens stiffness, effectively easing tension and stress.
Further de-stress by placing spa materials inside the built-in small box, bringing the wholeness between soul and body
Roll feet back and forth on 4 pairs of massage rollers (not motorized) that are dotted with acu-nodes following sole reflexology for deep massage, which stimulates pressure points and dredges meridians to improve metabolism and sleeping quality.
Adjust intensity and speed by changing the way you roll.
Rollers can be removed when necessary.
The foot spa machine is powered by 500W with overheat protection and is FDA-approved, leaving you peace of mind.
nside water marks are the result of function test.
Stylish digital display with indicator lights helps track working settings of the foot spa massager conveniently and visibly.
Control and adjust all functions with simple touch of 4 clearly marked buttons, making at-home pedicure easier

Brand: Arealer
Color: Blue
Package Weight:
   2040g / 71.96ounces
   2131.8g / 75.20ounces
Package Size:
   400 * 340 * 200mm / 15.75 * 13.39 * 7.87in
   406 * 342 * 205mm / 15.98 * 13.46 * 8.07in
Plug: 3 Types (optional)

There are various plug standard for choice, please choose the one that suitable for your country.

Packing List:
1 * Foot Spa

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