100Pcs/Box Dental Nylon Polishing Brush Latch Flat Prophy Cup Brush Polisher Colorful Dental Lab Tool


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Polishing brush is a must-have item for dentist or dental lab.
Why not have a look and try this Colorful Dental Polishing Brush?

Polish and whiten teeth, show charming smile.
Reduce bacterial infection, protect teeth.
Can be used to remove teeth stain efficiently.
High-performance and durable, long service life.
Transparent plastic box is included, convenient to store.

Type: Dental Tool
Color: Colorful
Material: Nylon; Stainless Steel 
Package Size: Approx. 9 * 6 * 3cm / 3.54 * 2.36* 1.18in (L * W * H)
Package Weight: Approx. 123.0g / 4.33z

Package List:
1 Box * Dental Polishing Brush

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